Designer Q & A

Designer Q & A

Designer Q&A 

David Fruscione of Republic of Decor goes from retail to regal

Q: Where did you learn your craft?

I moved to San Francisco to study inte­rior architecture. While there, I interned al Gap Inc. and started my career doing retail architecture. for many years, I was the interior designer for Banana Repub­lic. I took the brand international, design­ing the furniture, selecting the decorative props, and sourcing the artwork.  I came to Southwest Florida as a direc­tor of new concepts for the Chico's brands, working on new store designs for each brand. When I was wrapped up in a large layoff, I decided to invest in myself and create my own brand and finally focus on residential design.

Q: What do you ask your clients in order to help inspire you to create a space?

I like the process to be very collabora­tive. I ask them to create an inspiration folder with images they are drawn to. This helps me get inside their head so I can develop concepts that are personal to them. I also urge them to be open­mindcd, because it is my job to expose them to new ideas and materials.

Q: What has been your most unique request or the most interest­ing piece you've selected for a room?

I was hired by clients who really loved Asian architecture and design cle­ments. They wanted wall coverings that made them feel like they were back in

Power room or powder room? This ultra­chic bathroom with custom navy and gold cabinetry pairs beautifully with coral and navy graphic wallpaper.

Japan. Because we do, wallpaper consultations at the Republic of Decor, I was able to source the most amazing handmade papers. 
I love to be challenged to think beyond what is the "norm." and it's wonderful to have the store and all its product lines to pull from. 

Q: ls there a trend you're excited about - or one you hope goes away ASAP? 

What excites me most is that more and more product lines today offer the ability to customize and create unique things. Whether it is to develop a digital mural for a wall, to screen print textiles for draperies and pillows, or to band paint furniture in order to get the perfect color, these options allow each client to have something special just for them. All 
it takes is some out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness for the magic to begin.

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