High Point Market Spring 2024 - Favorite Finds!

High Point Market Spring 2024 - Favorite Finds!

I spent a handful of days at High Point Market with my list of pieces to check out for clients as well as discover new items for the showroom.  The visit was very productive and I found new resources too, which is always a bonus!  As I go through my notes and photos to remember where I was and what stood out, I have pulled together some of my favorite finds.

One of the largest trends was green!  So many shades and applications, green furnishings dominated throughout.  I personally love the color and wish I could use bolder versions more often.  It is dramatic and very luxurious to me.

These pieces are fresh yet unique to me.  There is a lot of interest but they are not so overwhelming that they would distract in a space.  They add art without adding art to the walls.

Speaking of art, these bold pieces are fun, playful and colorful.  Accessories are perfect to add energy to a room without committing in a major way.  Would you be adventurous enough to find a spot for something like these?

Maybe you are drawn to neutrals and natural elements instead?  That doesn't mean that they have to be dull or boring.  Look at the shapes and interesting details in these furniture pieces.  I am in love with all of them!

Since I have a strong passion for decorative accessories, I am always looking for unusual pieces and interesting objects.  Shouldn't everyone have a marble Burkin bag? 

So what do you think of the furnishings that stood out to me?  It truly is so much fun to visit the numerous showrooms while walking over 12K steps during a 10 hour day.  At the end of the visit, my creative brain is energized and excited about the opportunities to place these and other items into projects.  Drop me a line if you want to get more info or are motivated to work on a project together.  I would love to chat further.


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