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Majestic Murals

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Majestic Murals

It is incredible to see how wallpaper is evolving!  It is so much more than chintz and cabbage roses.  Whenever I can, I use it in my design work.  Murals are my favorite, they are the perfect marriage of art and wall decor.  With the help of technology, beautiful pieces of art or favorite images can be scanned and scaled to fit a wall perfectly.  The drama of one large scaled pattern or image has the power to transform the feel of a space.  The good news is they really aren't that expensive either!  These are some of my favorites.  I invite you to visit the design studio to learn more.  A wallpaper consultation is just one of many design services that are offered.   With a little bit of imagination and a small financial investment, your space could go from boring to bold!  David

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