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The Pieces That Caught My Eye At ICFF!    

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The Pieces That Caught My Eye At ICFF!    

After a busy season at the shop, I was excited to get out and see new things.  I spent 4 full days in High Point, North Carolina and explored the many bustling showrooms in the furniture capital of the US.  Practically every furniture line out there, unveils their newest creations for the design industry to hopefully swoon over.  I covered a lot of ground and found a lot of new resources which was one of my primary goals this trip.  Design work at the shop has really picked up and I had to hunt for and validate pieces for my design jobs.  Featured here are some of my favorite discoveries.  The more you get to know me and my style, the more you realize that I like things that have great texture, are a bit masculine and use color in a sophisticated way.    David

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