Ronald McDonald House Project

Ronald McDonald House Project
This year, I was selected to participate in the expansion of the SWFL Ronald McDonald House project along with several top designers from the area. Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for families that have children who are seeking medical treatment. This amazing organization gives comfort, support and resources while they navigate through this journey. It was such an honor to be included in this team! I designed the entry, hallway and their powder room.
Entry & Hallways
I was inspired by the Japanese legend of 1,000 origami cranes.  This centuries old concept represents wishes granted from the gods for happiness, good luck and recovery of illness after folding 1,000 cranes.  My hope is that bringing this positive energy to the space and through the design elements inspired by origami, that the families and guests visiting the space will be blessed with good wishes.  A custom designed crane mural covers the walls in the bedroom hall, lighting and accessories inspired by folded paper were added to the space and artwork made with paper cranes folded my yours truly add the finishing touch.  I was so honored to be selected to participate in this project and hope that this space helps to provide visitors with a sense of optimism and strength.
Powder Room
I go crazy for a spectacular powder room.  This is the perfect place to have fun and be adventurous.  I wanted to create the feeling of an exotic getaway.  A place that allowed you to not think about your daily struggles. I developed a custom designed graphic wallpaper in bold colors complimented by a overscaled hex tile floor.  Gold accents add a bit of shine and the delicately beaded light fixture adds texture and sophistication.  Sometimes having a moment alone, is what we need most and I hope that this space allows guests to escape!

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